Rhino Home Improvements did a poor job and wont fix

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Rhino Home Improvements of Sheffield/Rotherham built an extension which has leaked from the start.Despite a guarantee they have consistently refused to fix it and will not reply to any contact.

I commented at the time that I thought their method of roofing would give potential for problems, but of course they knew best.

Despite reassurance of their after-care, this has not been forthcoming.

This is an example of a company just wanting to take your money and go.I would advise anybody to steeer clear of them or, at least, do not pay a penny till you are absolutely satisfied.-Andy



FYI now trading under Rotherham Home Improvement (RHIDevelopments LTD)


really surprised to hear about Rhino in this light - We have used them on at least 4 occasions and they have done both our new and old house top to bottom - couldnt be happier.Had 1 slight issue with a door which was caused by the weather (cant blame them for that) and they were out to fix it the next day.

Would reccommend them to anybody!!!(in fact have done and they gave me £50 and a bunch of flowers)


They are a bunch of jokers.Leon Smith and Andrew Peace - both failed organisers of *** ups in a brewery that has gone into liquidation.

Avoid them and their charmless fitters at all costs.I am available to tape some cardboard to your house if you need a new conservatory in the Rotherham area.

to Rhino Home Improvement - Clown Sheffield, England, United Kingdom #690658

done many different jobs for me over the years and wouldnt hesitate using them again - im another who is surprised of the poor reviews but i guess every company will get them from time to time - did excellent work for me no problems at all - and ive got my insurance guarentee anyway if they are sadly no longer around - Mrs R

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